Luv Dub

What if. Your heart. Could speak. To you?

Luv Dub

H4B Manchester & Heart UK

In the UK, more than 30 women die prematurely from cardiovascular disease every day. And yet, heart health campaigns are predominantly aimed at men. This lack of awareness can result in women dismissing common symptoms until it’s too late. We had to encourage women to stop and listen to the warning signs emanating from the heart.


To engage the radio listener, we crafted a romantic poem which, at first, could have been delivered from one lover to another. In fact, the poem is an emotional plea from a heart to its ‘owner’, to reflect on their lifestyle before it’s too late. Inspired by the fact that Cardiologists refer to the heart beat as ‘lub-dub’, every word and syllable of our ‘Luv Dub’ poem has been chosen to maintain the repetition of a cardiac rhythm, and delivered at exactly 100bpm – the heart rate of someone who is in an agitated state.

Luv Dub is a poem that celebrates the art of radio, its craft and ability to seduce and disrupt the listener – to prevent more women prematurely losing their lives to heart disease.

Luv Dub 100bpm


‘LuvDub’ aired during April 2019 on Global Radio stations, and digital station, Mi-Soul, and has been really well-received within the industry.

“We agreed with the creative team that using poetry alone was not enough. People may be familiar with the rhythm of poetry, but we want women to become more familiar with the rhythm of their heart.” 

Simon Williams, Head of Communications & Policy at Heart UK


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