Thought Leadership

Every year we invest our expertise to investigating an emergent trend, development, or unmet need in healthcare. We do this as a call for arms in the industry, to create a community of like-minded individuals to collaborate with us to drive better healthcare for patients, carers and healthcare professionals alike. Our award-winning thought leadership campaigns have been critically acclaimed by leading organisations including The Guardian, Financial Times, Harvard University and Manchester Business School to name a few.

Latest Campaign

Health For All

As we have continued to explore the issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusivity in healthcare, it became impossible to separate them from the individual stories they represented. The people we have spoken to, and worked with as part of Health For All show that by entwining humanity and healthcare together more closely, more is possible. It is possible to reach more patients, diagnose conditions earlier, bring more effective medicines to market, support more patients, and improve both commercial and clinical outcomes. As we continue to explore the human side of healthcare, we ask ourselves, what would it really look like if no one was left behind?

White papers

The white paper campaigns below are the results of months of extensive research, collaborations with global leaders who are shaping the fundamentals of healthcare, and a determined passion to deliver better outcomes for all.
Thinking Healthcare Wearables Strategy

Thinking Healthcare Wearables Strategy