A day in the life of a #LYNXCub 2018

A day in the life of a #LYNXCub 2018


Lizzie Jordan is the daughter of Carl Jordan, General Manager at the Havas Lynx Group. In August, we opened our doors for a second year and invited our #LYNXCubs back for another day of fun and games. #LYNXCubs is also the perfect opportunity for our cubs to learn more about what their parents are getting up to Monday – Friday. In this blog, Lizzie shares her experience of #LYNXCubs 2018.

On Friday the seventeenth of August, me and many other children went to Havas Lynx to learn more about our parent’s work. At the start of the day we were all split up into three different groups based on our age. The first group was for children up to the age of around seven, the second group was for ages up to ten, and the third group was for eleven and older, (this was the group I was in.) During the day each group took part in fun and exciting activities that would inspire us all to be creative.

One of the main reasons I decided to take part in #LYNXCubs was because I went last year in 2017 and had a great time. And although the activities last year were impressive, Havas Lynx were still able to improve.

My favourite activity was flying the drones because it made us focus and concentrate whilst we attempted to fly the drone through a hoop that was hanging from the ceiling. As well as this we also decided to race two drones to see which one would to be able to go through the hoops the fastest. Our group also tried programming the drones to fly though all four of the hoops. The group that I was in did not fly all the way through and only managed to get through two. Nevertheless, it was still very enjoyable, and I had lots of fun.

When everyone started to go home my dad thought that me and my brother would like to see the floor that he worked on (Pryce) so we went there, and we were shown all the desks and we met some people who worked there.

Whilst I was waiting for my Dad to finish everything off, a lady called Ambi walked to where I was waiting with a big trolley filled with drinks and sweets. Me and my brother were both surprised and couldn’t believe that this happened every week. So, we helped ourselves to some sweets and chocolate and ended the day with a sweet treat.

It was very nice to learn more about my dad’s work and I will be sure to tell more people about the experience. Hopefully there will be another #LYNXCubs next year that I will be able to attend.