A taste of Lynx

A taste of Lynx


My name is Victoria Luk, I’m an A level student on work experience at Havas Lynx.

With school starting to put pressure on me to figure out what to do for the next four years off my life, I had four days of work experience to try and do just that! With an interest in both biology and IT, I had the option to try one or the other. Biology work seemed easier to find (or so I thought), and after emailing a tonne of vets with no sign of a reply, my brother gave me the option of working at Havas Lynx. Healthcare Communications wasn’t something I had thought to explore but now was the time to get a taste of different careers.

Taking one look at the front desk with the insanely high ceiling, I was hit with a wave of nervousness and excitement. My last work experience was in Pets at Home so this was going to be quite the jump. From the outside I expected some kind of strict office layout, but instead I found a rather laid back office with a variety of creative spaces lit by Mason jar lights, walls painted with pictures and office dogs – definitely not what I was expecting! After being met with the relaxed vibe of the office and the friendly atmosphere of the team, I felt welcome within minutes.

For the past 6 months, Havas Lynx has been championing Healthcare Heroes – a project which shines a light on the unsung heroes of healthcare. With the project coming to a close, my placement involved supporting the team on the round up activity.

My first day involved reading through the stories of the 21 heroes. I was enthralled by the stories of passion, honesty and determination. Each hero’s journey is so unique – from how Olive Fulton refuses to let her asthma get in her way to Tal Golesworthy having a moment of initiative that lead him to giving the medical world a new invention that saves lives, they all completely inspired me.

Each task involved looking into the stories in great depth to extract key information. Each piece was written to really showcase the heroes and give them the praise they deserved – and I loved it! So many of the heroes used technology or social media to help revolutionise the healthcare industry, it really showed me that IT and biology can work hand-in-hand. I didn’t quite know what to expect from coming to Havas Lynx, but learning about hidden heroes of the medical world was the very last thing I expected.

My time here at Havas Lynx went above and beyond my expectations and has helped me to consider new options for university. The week flew by with Havas Lynx offering so many opportunities. That is all the more reason to try and come back a second time!