An afternoon of inspiration, the launch of #LYNXLife 2016

An afternoon of inspiration, the launch of #LYNXLife 2016


#LYNXLife is a programme of events, policies and perks aimed at making Havas Lynx employees’ time more enjoyable, enriching and productive. #LYNXLife seeks to remove barriers and frustrations, alongside optimising performance and enhancing professional lifestyles. Each January, we kick off the year with a #LYNXLife company-wide update. The 2016 update took place at the Albert Hall in Manchester, which proved to be an inspirational venue for an inspirational meeting….

The stained glass windows painted kaleidoscopes of colour on the benches in the upper seating area. It was a marvel, inspiring and apt; setting the tone of the afternoon perfectly. We’re not an average agency and this was no average agency update. The walls were plastered with posters from the last 30 years of Lynx, with Design Director, Trevor Johnson’s work taking pride of place in frames where gig posters would usually sit. Staff at the event got to wear our exclusive music history of Manchester t-shirts, and the stage was set.

#LYNXLife was launched in January of last year, now in its second year; it promises to be bigger and better. In addition to the mind, body and soul programme that saw last year bring in company-wide health insurance, a breakfast club, a Friday drinks trolley, a tea lady(!), free fruit and better coffee, all alongside improved initiatives for sport and travel; #LYNXLife 2016 focussed on strategy and creativity, helping to unify the teams as a whole and deliver on company and individual ambitions. The afternoon enabled each team to reflect on the previous year, celebrating their highlights and their learnings and provide an insight to what’s on the agenda for making 2016 even better.

This year, our focus is on making Lynx even greater; innovatively, strategically and creatively. Getting ahead of the game. Our dedication to this has seen us open a brand new creative space, already used by the likes of D&ADand we’ve bolstered our creative ranks with three new creative directors. We also got a preview of our upcoming whitepaper, exploring the impact of today’s digital native millennials on healthcare. It’s going to greatly impact our approach – times are changing and it’s fascinating. Keep your eyes peeled for more information.

The afternoon also held an update from our Lynx Ambassadors. One of the core initiatives at Lynx has been our ambassador programme, and we welcomed to the stage 14 new ambassadors to inspire, and help everyone to play as hard externally as we work internally. The ambassadors have led some of Havas Lynx’s proudest initiatives over the last few years including, our work with Born to Thrive and Broughton House. Alongside the charity work, Lynx Ambassadors improve life at Lynx; from social initiatives to our commitment to less CO2. This year will see the team commit to more initiatives to use our skills to help others.

The new Ambassadors also presented the results of our 2015 internal company survey. Revealing even better results than last year’s, with almost 90% of staff comfortable with their training vs role, and a massive 96% saying they are proud of Havas Lynx work. A true barometer for the work the company produces and the value we bring.

Lynx HR Manager Sophie Jackson said “As Havas Lynx grows it’s important to get everyone together when we can, so celebrating #LYNXLife and the updates for 2016 was a brilliant opportunity to do this. There was a real buzz and vibrant atmosphere to the day, it was really well received.”

The #LYNXLife launch was an inspiring afternoon that kicked off the year with energy that only Lynx is known for. The conclusion for the afternoon passed over to the Albert Hall and we let it do what it does best, with a fantastic celebration of live music from local acts ‘Jake Fletcher’ and ‘Jenna & The Gs’, who gave us some amazing renditions of some classic Mancunian hits from through the years. All of this was supported by beers, cocktails and champagne, and set the tone for a successful year.

In May, we’ll reach the ripe old age of 30. From our roots as a design agency, we’ve had a brilliant 30 years adapting our offerings to meet the needs of our changing world.

Here’s to 2016 and our big 30th!!