Avoiding unhealthy snacks at work

Avoiding unhealthy snacks at work


Ambi Swindells is our Head of Sports and Wellbeing at the Havas Lynx Group. With an interest in all things health related, Ambi has the inside scoop on what we should be eating to maintain a healthy diet. In this blog, Ambi reveals her weekly healthy food treat along with some delicious recipes to try out!

We’re all guilty of it – skipping breakfast, a meeting over lunch, something to dip in your brew…

Before you resort to the tuck-box or chasing down the tea trolley, make sure you have healthy snacks to hand.

Making time to eat is crucial to a productive working day, and should never be neglected. Eating breakfast will help stabilise blood sugar levels and set you up for the day.

So why not try these healthy, no bake energy bites, to give you that well-needed boost to keep you going throughout the day:

We’d love to see your versions of no bake energy bites, so once you’ve give them a go, upload and share through #LYNXLife!