Coffee with a Sci-fi Artist

Coffee with a Sci-fi Artist


Lucy McRae, Sci-fi Artist and Body Architect, recently visited the Havas Lynx team to offer a fresh outlook and perspective for our teams. Paul Bennett, Creative Director at Havas Lynx, spent the morning sharing ideas with Lucy, discussing her experience and how this could be relevant in the context of pharma and healthcare communications. In this blog, Paul shares his experience of working with Lucy.

It’s not every day you and your team get to spend  a morning with a ‘body architect’  – Lucy McRae is recognised as an early identifier of emerging technologies that drive product innovation from clothes that recreate the body’s insides, a music video with pop-star Robyn, to a pill that, when swallowed, lets you sweat perfume, not to mention her collaborations with NASA.

Sharing time and ideas with Lucy gave us a real insight into how we can make a deeper connection with our clients, their brands and consumers. We discussed how we can use her insights and experience and adopt it into our own work and clients here at Havas Lynx. She asked us to think about our current projects from a multi–dimensional perspective and how we could take a good idea to the next level – how every BIG idea could be made even BIGGER. The conversation flowed from building trust and adding a little more risk, to self-transcending consumers and Harvard business reviews.

Her energetic and innovative approach got us all thinking about what healthcare communication is and could be. Having that ‘outside the bubble’ viewpoint and collaborating with someone not in our traditional skill sets gave us all food for thought. It was a bit like creative therapy for the team – and we’re all feeling a lot better for it!

Cheers Lucy!