Freshers’ Week 2017

Freshers’ Week 2017


Chris James is a Graduate Account Executive in our Class of 2017. Here he tells us about Freshers’ Week, our week-long training event that marks the launch of the LX Graduate Programme. Freshers’ Week aims to integrate our graduates into the company both on a professional and social level.

Freshers’ Week, for me, conjures up images of 90p Jaeger bombs, Saino’s ready meals and lingering Freshers’ flu. Four years on, Freshers’ Week at Havas Lynx was an altogether different affair.

Those of us on the Graduate Programme left behind our normal teams and work for the week (sorry team Pryce!) and reported to Department X to meet our fellow grads. Some of us had been at Lynx for months, while for others the Monday of Freshers’ week was their very first day. After a talk on the ins and outs of Lynx from CEO Dave Hunt and Aimee Stapleton (our Graduate Programme lead), we did a bit of networking with last year’s grads over breakfast.

During the week we learnt about the Havas Lynx’s five key capabilities; Science, Strategy, Creative, Technology and Client Services. Each day we arrived to be greeted by senior employees from each discipline who led their respective days. We were given presentations, worked on projects in different groups, went out for scrummy food and then pitched back our ideas to the group for prizes. We all learnt heaps over the course of the week including (but not limited to!):

  • How to see your DNA by spitting in a jar
  • How to use military strategy to write a brand proposition
  • How to sell in a creative idea combining an ADHD drug and Fenton the dog
  • The best way to use healthcare tech in nursing homes
  • How to throw a party ‘on the moon’ on a tight budget of just £100

Between all this learning, Aimee and Hannah made sure to squeeze in plenty of fun activities and socials. We went for drinks with the company Directors, played crazy golf in the shiny new office space in 54 Princess Street and even went Go-Karting under the Manchester Arena (I’ve still not forgiven Ben Sewell for robbing me of 1st place). A highlight was the night out at Matt and Phreds on the Thursday after which we were all feeling slightly delicate. Luckily we were given a well needed 10am start on the Friday!

The following Monday, it was back to work as usual but already I’ve been bumping into grads I’d met over the week and organising get-togethers outside of work. Bring on WorkSmarts next June!