From the #LYNXCub’s perspective #2

From the #LYNXCub’s perspective #2


India is 14 years old and the daughter of our longest serving employee and Accounts Director; Lisa Young. She gives us a break down of her day at #LYNXCubs here.

On Friday 18th August I went to LYNXCubs at my mum’s work. We all met for breakfast then we went on a tour around the office. We were split into three different age groups. After the office tour we did drawings to advertise a new healthcare gadget. All the groups met up and went for lunch at Leaf. When we went back to the office we had a big group photograph. We all made ice cream sundaes which was one of my favourite parts because we could put as much toppings on as we liked. After that we went in our groups again and we built robots out of cardboard which was also one of my favourite parts because you could make it however you wanted. Finally, we learnt how to code drones which was really cool and one of the drones flew out of the window which was really funny. It was a brilliant day. We had lots of fun and learnt some new skills. I can’t wait for the next one.

India Young