From the #LYNXCub’s perspective…

From the #LYNXCub’s perspective…


Donovan is 13 years old and the son of our Chief Medical Officer Dr Vernon Bainton. In this blog he tells us why he loved #LYNXCubs

I went to Manchester for the LYNXCubs day and even though we had to get up early for the summer holidays we did loads of fun things and I’m really glad I went. We programmed drones, made robots, built enormous ice-cream Sundaes and even did some advertising.

I thought that the whole day was very well planned. It went by really quickly because it was packed and it was really nice to see where Dad works.

My favourite part of the day was playing with the VR. We used Oculus Touch and played job simulator. Although I preferred throwing lottery cards at the customers than being a serious clerk and selling the groceries. It was definitely my favourite because I enjoy gaming and computers so I thought it was a great experience – actually, I think we should get a VR headset now. I also liked the lunch at Leaf because it was very nice to mingle and talk to other children, their parents and the organisers.

Thanks for having me – can I come again please?