Fuelling your mind, body and soul

Fuelling your mind, body and soul


Ben Laurence, Account Executive, is a Wellness Champion here at the Havas Lynx Group. In this blog, Ben discusses the importance of everyday wellness in the workplace and how he’s benefited from taking part in our extensive health and wellness programme.

When I received my job offer from the Havas Lynx Group, I was sent a new starter pack that had the employee handbook inside. I was amazed to read about all the different benefits on offer – from Office Dog Fridays to Wellness Wednesdays. After reading through all of the benefits I was so eager to get involved, especially in all of the wellness initiatives, including football and yoga. Any nerves I had from starting a new job were completely overridden by how welcoming everyone was – and it was a really good way to meet people!

The Havas Lynx Group are determined to make wellness a part of their employees everyday life, because they want everyone to feel good at work (even on a Monday!). Each team has a Wellness Champion and I’m lucky enough to be one. We keep our teams up-to-date on the support and activities on offer, drive company-wide initiatives and we are easily accessible for our teammates to talk to if they have any wellness suggestions. The range of benefits offered is incredible. Over the last 6 months we’ve had wellness workshops, meditation sessions, massages, physio pilates and celebrated a number of world wellness days including National Stress Awareness Day and World Mental Health Day.

Even in January, when there’s always talk of attempting to lead a healthier lifestyle, the Havas Lynx Group really try to support everyone; from Winter Mondays (an initiative encouraging a 10am start throughout January and February), to beginning each week with a Monday morning breakfast club. There are also herb gardens available in the kitchen alongside healthy snacks such as seeds and superfoods. Last week we even had Dr. Colin Robertson deliver a talk on nutrition and sleep.

So whether you’re adding a spoonful of chia seeds to your morning oats, snacking on some fruit or garnishing your spaghetti bolognese with some home-grown basil, there are plenty of options to boost your energy, mood and health.