Green Machine

Green Machine


Ambi Swindells is our Head of Sports and Wellbeing at the Havas Lynx Group. With an interest in all things health related, Ambi has the inside scoop on what we should be eating to maintain a healthy diet. In this blog, Ambi reveals her weekly healthy food treat along with some delicious recipes to try out!

Looking for a quick and easy way to boost your immune system? Grab yourself a food processor or nutribullet and treat yourself to this guilt-free, yet extra tasty, super food smoothie – it’s a great way to start the day.

This surprisingly creamy concoction is packed with leafy greens and fruits to provide a nutritious start to the day as it’s loaded with important micro-nutrients

When blended, frozen bananas and avocado add plant-based creaminess and I promise you won’t taste the kale!

6 ingredient, super green smoothie – ingredients: 

1 frozen banana – Potassium, magnesium

1 small apple – Vit C, B vits

1 small pear – Vit C, Vit K

½ an avocado – polyunsaturated (good) fats, Vit K, Vit C

Hand full of spinach – folate, magnesium

Hand full of kale – iron, Vit A, calcium.

Top up with water