H_V_S LYNX supports #MissingType

H_V_S LYNX supports #MissingType


At Lynx we understand the power of simple ideas, and the enormous and positive effects they can have. That’s why – for the second year running – we’re taking part in the #MissingType campaign organised by NHS National Blood and Transplant.

#MissingType launches in the UK today (16 August) and aims to reverse the decline in donors, generating some of the 200,000 people needed to become new donors this year.

In 2015, the campaign saw high street chains, the NHS and even the prime minister’s residence removing the letters A, O and B (which make up the blood groups) from signage and branding, without explaining why.

This generated chatter from customers and members of the public on social media, where brands and organisations taking part in the campaign would then reveal that the letters had gone missing to highlight the need for new blood donors.

The changes to the logos of companies like Odeon Cinemas, the Mirror and Waterstones were subtle but striking. And thanks to the positive media coverage and the contributions of influencers on social media, they helped capture the public’s imagination – delivering incredible results.

There was strong coverage, support and social media interaction nationwide, with almost half a million engagements on Facebook and – most importantly – over 30,000 people registering to donate.

By taking part in #MissingType in 2015, we saw the value of raising awareness for a service that needs both new and repeat donations.

We understood that the campaign was founded on a simple principle – that you won’t miss the blood when you donate it; but patients could miss it if you don’t.

Which gave us another simple – but impactful – idea.

And so we decided to go a step further: block-booking sessions at our local donation centre three times a year, and encouraging staff to get (and stay) involved. With this crucial modification, we ensured that our contribution would go beyond the campaign, and become a part of the fabric of working at Havas Lynx.

In the UK, more than 6,000 people need to give blood every day to meet this crucial need in hospitals around the country.

Donations are then used to treat blood disorders and transfused to patients undergoing major operations. Just one pint of blood can be used to save or improve up to three lives.

This year Lynx will once again be removing the letters from our website and social media channels to highlight the need for new donors, and show our support for a cause that is very close to our hearts.

So far we’ve donated more than 150 pints of blood, potentially saving more than 450 lives. We’re enormously proud of this achievement, and we’re delighted to be taking part in the campaign again in 2016.

NHS Blood and Transplant needs to ensure that they have supplies of all blood groups and types at all times. By giving blood, you can help meet the ongoing challenge of saving lives. To learn more, or to register to donate, please visit https://www.blood.co.uk/