#High5ives: Havas Lynx goes to Rwanda

#High5ives: Havas Lynx goes to Rwanda


Since our Christmas Campaign, we have kept the charity Born to Thrive (BTT) close to our heart, fundraising and trying to help where we can. Earlier in the year we held a company competition where staff could apply for the opportunity to visit Rwanda and see the charity’s work first hand. We asked all applicants to donate a minimum of 36 hours of their own time to the charity and to record a short video detailing how they would use their time to help. The team are flying to Rwanda on 17th October and we will keep you updated on their progress throughout their trip (as and when they have Wi-Fi). Below Terri, Becky and Graham explain what they hope to achieve on the trip.

Terri Keeley
Office Assistant

My current expectations of Rwanda aren’t for the war-torn wasteland you would envision the first time you hear about a genocide. After reading books, travel diaries, blogs and even holiday reviews in magazines, my picture of it has changed completely. The labels that forged the rift have been stripped away and Rwanda has been left with one united community who have been striving to overcome their past. I’m no longer expecting to touch down in a place calling out for pity, but a nation of people who have worked hard to build themselves up and bring themselves back from the brink of total destruction, and a group of people who also just so happen to need our help. I’m expecting to be inspired.

Becky Milsted
Account Executive
Since I joined Havas Lynx in 2014, I’ve been impressed with the amount our company gives back to the wider community. It’s been my ambition for a very long time to take an eye-opening trip, and when it was mentioned that Lynx would be hosting a small competition to send some of its employees to Rwanda on behalf of Born to Thrive, I jumped at the opportunity.
I’m so excited to meet the children our fundraising has helped, and to better understand their day to day lives and struggles. I imagine the trip is also going to put a lot into perspective for me and the Havas team, as we will be learning about the history of Rwanda and the 1994 genocide. I feel very lucky to be have the opportunity to go on such an amazing adventure.

Click here to watch Becky’s application video

Graham Hogg
Motion Graphics Developer
I feel extremely lucky and very excited to have this opportunity to visit Rwanda and contribute to Born to Thrive. It also gives me the chance to witness first hand the happiness our fundraising efforts have brought to the children. I’ve never been on a trip like this before so I’m expecting it to be eye opening and inspiring.
During my time there, Sam and I will be aiming to capture impactful footage of how the people of Rwanda have benefited from the charity. We will then use the footage to create videos which will be incorporated with the newly branded website as well as used on social media channels. I’m hoping that all the hard work and dedication brought by the team will help spread the message of the charity and encourage more people to get involved and make a difference.

To find out more about Born To Thrive, visit their website:

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