#High5ives: Recycling iMacs to enhance school education

#High5ives: Recycling iMacs to enhance school education


Towards the end of 2018, through Paul Wade, Senior Artworker at the Havas Lynx Group, we donated a few of our old iMacs to Peel Hall Primary School in Wythenshawe. In our latest blog, the school share with us how each class are using the computers and how they’ve helped to enhance the children’s learning.

Working in a creative and digital agency means we often have a number of computers at our disposal – so it’s always a great feeling when we are able to share and recycle our old computers with schools and charities in Greater Manchester.

In 2018, we donated 20 iMacs to St Andrew’s Primary School in Ramsbottom, Centrepoint and, towards the end of the year through our employee Paul Wade, Senior Artworker, donated several iMacs no longer used by Lynx to Peel Hall Primary School in Wythenshawe.

The iMacs have significantly improved the computer facilities in various classrooms at the school, and the children are extremely excited to be using them to progress their learning!

Peel Hall Primary School have shared with us how the computers have helped to enhance the children’s learning:

“The Year 3 children have been using the class computer to complete their Accelerated Reading quizzes after they have finished reading their home/school reading books. The quizzes test the children’s understanding of what they have read and having the computer has motivated the children to read more books, as they can’t wait to complete the quiz on the computer. The class computer has also been beneficial by helping children with their mental maths skills and they enjoy playing maths games as an additional activity in class.

In Year 4, children use the computer to complete their reading quizzes for Accelerated Reading. They have also used the computer to complete research for their topic on ‘Rainforests’.

And finally, in Year 6, the children have even given their new computer a name! The children use ‘Stevie’ every day, to answer questions on what they have read both independently and as a class, to demonstrate their vast knowledge of different texts.”

Thank you to Peel Hall Primary School for allowing us to share their blog piece. We’re glad we’ve been able to help the school enhance their computer facilities and we’re excited to help more schools and charities as we move from 2019!