Inside our Vision for the Future – The LYNX Leadership

Inside our Vision for the Future – The LYNX Leadership


David Hunt is CEO of HAVAS LYNX. David is a recognised international figure within healthcare digital marketing having launched a series of industry firsts and collected numerous prestigious innovation awards. Responding to the evolving landscape, David works closely with the team to maintain HAVAS LYNX’s position at the forefront of innovation within healthcare.

10 years ago I officially joined Creative Lynx in full-time employment, and I loved the place. 2 years later I attended my first senior meeting at the agency, and marveled at the ambition of becoming 50 or even 60 strong. Last week I hosted my first leadership event, joined by 30 colleagues, responsible for almost 200. Today, I’m excited, expectant and as ambitious as always for the next decade.

Our vision is for HAVAS LYNX to become the recognised leader in healthcare communications, shaping our industry, changing outcomes and sustaining our success, through engaged, creative and expert talent. Great ideas, great outcomes, great talent.

But first we have to be expert in our industry and provision services aligned to a rapidly shifting landscape, whereby stakeholders & agendas can change with the wind. We have to appreciate the evolution of Brand Managers, their background, responsibilities and expectations. Dr Nick BroughtonJon Vernon and Dan Selby, former clients who are now part of the team, articulated the need for an expert partner that is scientifically sound and who can be trusted to fulfill their promises.

We have developed global strategies for brands at every stage of their life-cycle, delivering significant return on investment. But our past successes count for nothing if we don’t evolve with society. Clients don’t need or want strategic tools for an offline world. They need a competitive advantage through a partner that can combine proven principles with contemporary ideas. Rob Fuller and Dan Weaden, outlined how we develop strategies that permeate everything we create, everything our clients do, and everything their customers feel.

Earlier this year we demonstrated our continuing commitment to creative excellence with the promotions of Jon Chapman & Helen Godley to Creative DirectorsWe know ideas deliver results, excite customers, inspire us – ideas are central to our philosophy and critical to our future. The team outlined their vision to inspire and grow culture of creativity.

Our future for healthcare innovation was described by Gary Monk & Andy Stopford. We looked at progressive clients and where they will be in 18 months. We considered the ideas for inclusion when considering 2015 brand plans. We discussed many things that will most likely never become reality, but then we have always been more committed than most to research & development. It’s how and why, we define healthcare communications.

We often lack time to think. Day two saw the teams working on business critical issues; how do we inspire our talent? how do we make sure we “get” clients? how do we drive collaboration? and how do we build tomorrow’s generation of leaders? Our ambition is to sustain success through the best talent in the industry.

The event was considered & planned, the blueprint robust & smart, but the success – the success belonged to the energy, expertise & commitment of the participants. I am not sure how Stuart Wilson felt 8 years ago surrounded by his leaders, however I do know, that I was inspired and supremely confident surrounded by mine.

And a final thanks & acknowledgement to One Aldwych London, for a tremendous venue & hospitality.

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