It’s a Cub’s Life

It’s a Cub’s Life


Jon Vernon is a Director here at Lynx and his son, Joseph, came along to our #LYNXCubs day. Here Jon tells us why the day was such a positive for them.

When you live in West Sussex and the main office is in Manchester, there can be days when you really miss your family. We have a bonny young boy named Joseph and he’s a real live wire. Nearly three but going on five, he is so inquisitive and has reached the stage in his development where the questioning is relentless!

“Why” is Joseph’s favourite word and a typical conversation will start……

Why do you go to Manchester?

To earn money Joseph.


So I can work and pay for bills and toys and keep a roof over our head.

Why Manchester?

Well that’s where I work.


Because the company I work with is there.


You get the gist.

Well last Friday, with a bit of forward planning all was revealed to Joseph’s very inquisitive mind. Havas Lynx came up with their latest family-orientated idea of bring your children to work and LYNXCubs was born. We arrived early on Friday for breakfast and a tour of the offices. Joseph was in his element with loads of children, balloons and areas to play. Drawing activities were amazing and making your own ice cream sundaes was his favourite. From breakfast to goodie bags on departure, the whole event was so well organised and ever since, Joseph has been asking to go to the office with Daddy.

Why do you go to Manchester has been replaced by when can we go to Manchester?

Now that’s the next challenge for me and I think a family weekend in Manchester will need to happen soon. Hope this becomes a regular event so I can satiate his appetite!