LIA Awards 2018 from a judge’s perspective

LIA Awards 2018 from a judge’s perspective


Tim Jones, Creative Director at the Havas Lynx Group, gives his Jury President prognosis for Health & Wellness at this year’s LIA Awards.

It’s been another inspiring trip to the darkened jury rooms of sunny Las Vegas. This year, I’ve been lucky enough to chair a group of highly talented and passionate people – who are responsible for making some of the best creative work in healthcare.

As such, we set out to only reward the most impactful work – the type that saves lives; changes laws; and makes the world a healthier place (you can genuinely say this sort of thing in this category).

After careful examination, and healthy discussion, we dissected every idea with scalpel- sharp precision. What we found was three distinct parts to the body of entries:

The good. The bad. And the lovely.

After cutting the work that wasn’t cutting it, the shortlist that survived was truly remarkable, and any creative should be proud to have made the list. These ideas are what the Health & Wellness category represents – Life-changing creativity.

Thanks to an amazing jury for donating their brains and their time; and a special thanks to the LIAs for investing in this ever-growing category.

Thanks to this sort of treatment, Health & Wellness has been made a little better this year.

And I’m looking forward to next year’s check-up.