#LYNXCubs – A Day for Family

#LYNXCubs – A Day for Family


Neil Williams heads up our Studio 6 Life team – he brought his 5 year old, Thomas, along to #LYNXCubs and in this blog tells us how initiatives like this help to bridge the work / life balance

The LYNXCubs day was absolutely fantastic. I have been working in agencies for the last 15 years and this was the first time I have seen a company truly embrace the family dynamic.

I brought in my 5 year old boy – Thomas. Initially he was nervous about the whole thing – however he quickly became excited and engaged with the activities the LYNXCubs team had planned.

The first part of the day involved a creative brief of ‘colouring in’ characters that could be used in healthcare campaigns. He loved colouring in ‘Rory the Lion’ who would ROAR at patients to make them better. Maybe not practical but certainly creative!

For lunch we all gathered in a restaurant where the children played hide and seek and the parents showed off their best ‘amateur’ magic tricks. It’s amazing what 5/6 year olds will believe!

After lunch we had an ice cream sundae making session. The mix of chocolate ice cream, sugary sweets and caramel toppings resulted in a fun session where the decibel level increased by the minute.

Before heading home my son was given a ‘goodie bag’ containing his favourite toy – Lego. I can not tell you how happy this made him – he could not wait to start building it.

Whilst building his lego on Saturday, mummy asked him ‘how was it at daddy’s work?’

Thomas replied; ‘It was REALLY good mummy. I think I want to work there when I’m older”

Thank you so much to all involved  – it really does go a long way in keeping a great work / life balance.