#LYNXCubs 2018

#LYNXCubs Blog – the parent perspective #2


Cathy Dormer has worked at Lynx as a Senior Producer for 6 months. In this blog she’s tells us about her daughter Fleur’s experience at #LYNXCubs and why she was impressed with the day as someone relatively new the company.

We jumped in the car at the end of the day and my husband turned to our daughter and asked ‘Did you have a good day?’ The response was ‘AWESOME’ which is high praise from an eleven year that had no expectation of what the day would involve.

Coming into the office for the first time she was greeted by the Friday collection of dogs in the office. Already excited by the dogs we made our way down to the kitchen which had hoola-hoops suspended from the ceiling and was awash with practicing drone pilots.

After a juice and a welcome talk in Department X I left her to start the first task of the day. I didn’t see her again until lunch where she was deep in conversation with three new friends with whom she chatted happily to as if she had known them all her life. This is extraordinary considering she only moved to Manchester a month ago.

After lunch, whilst walking back to meet the ice cream van, in a wave of excitement, there was a full re-enactment of the VR light sword game, swinging out arms and legs to full effect with a running commentary of what you had to do.

Returning back to the office, she happily went into the next session coming back to me at the end of the day with an enormous smile on her face. I overheard her telling her Aunty later in the evening that Mummy works in a really cool place. She really enjoyed the experience and as a parent new to the company I think it was brilliantly organised and extremely brave. I can’t cope with two friends over to the house – it is chaos – but to take on 60…barmy! But great fun! Same time next year?!

Cathy Dormer S6L

Fleur Dormer Age 11