LYNXCubs vs. parents – guess who!

LYNXCubs vs. parents – guess who!


On the 18th August we played host to a day dedicated to the next generation, our very own LYNXCubs. The day was filled with laughter and learning as our cubs explored what their parents really get up to in the working day. The cubs arrived to a whole host of activities ranging from robot building and ice cream making to drone building and inventing their very own healthcare heroes. But who do each of our lovely cubs belong to?

In this blog we draw back the curtain to reveal some of our LYNXCubs and their respective parent! Enjoy!

Dylan & Nigel Campbell

JJ & Trevor Johnson

Jessica & Paul Wade 

Hudson & David Hunt

Esme & Michael Stott

Lois & Jamie Axford

Lauren & Kathryn Fox

We want to thank all of our Lynx-ers and our cubs for such a great day and for keeping us all young at heart!