Manchester: a home away from home

Manchester: a home away from home


Essie O’Shaughnessy is an Account Manager here at Havas Lynx. In this blog, she gives us an insight into settling in to a new job and a new country.

Nine months ago I packed up my life and moved across the world from sunny Brisbane, Australia, to the red bricks of Manchester.

“Whaaa? Why’d ya do that?” Is the usual response I get from Uber and Taxi drivers trying to spark up a conversation.

And my answer – why not?

I can’t think of that many other places where you get the hustle and bustle of a big city, with the spirit of a town.

Where you can see musicians and acts from all over the world every other night.

Where you are a short (and cheap) flight away from anywhere you want to go in Europe and a quick drive to the cosy countryside.

Yes, it may be a bit rainy, but when that sun does come out, no one embraces it like the English.

It’s this Manchester spirit that I was welcomed with when I started at Havas Lynx eight months ago.

I was apprehensive starting as I hadn’t any previous pharma experience, but I shouldn’t have worried.

The support and training you receive when you join the team is second to none. On top of the induction sessions which introduce you to the world of pharma, the history of Havas Lynx and the important basics (i.e how to book holidays), you have access to the #LXAcademy – a programme offering over 55 different sessions aimed at furthering your career development.

My personal highlight was the thought leadership session with a former professional poker player who revealed some insider tricks on decision making.

And how about those benefits! Tea trolley, drinks trolley, parties, Monday breakfast club, Summer Fridays and Winter Mondays… I could go on, but the real highlight for me is the people.

It can be hard to settle into a new city/country away from family, friends and the comforts of home – but thanks to the welcoming spirit of the Havas Lynx team, it’s all been smooth sailing.

Understanding butties, brews and boilers (honestly I had no idea what do with one) would have been a nightmare without them.

And the comforting cry of “ye want a brew?” rings across the desks, making Manchester really feel like my home away from home.