On yer bike!

On yer bike!


Nathan Harper is a Junior Copywriter here at Havas Lynx. Following the Manchester 100 bike ride, he shares his thoughts on the ride itself, and what riding a bike means to him.

When I was 7, my Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour. 15 years later, he’s beaten it and is a better man because of it. The Christie has played a huge part in getting him to where he is today. For anyone who doesn’t know, The Christie is a national cancer charity based in Manchester. With over 44,000 patients every year it makes them the biggest single site centre in Europe.

Like any charity, fundraising plays a big part in everything they do. They host regular events across the country, encouraging people to get involved and help to raise donations. One of these events is the Manchester 100 – a choice of 100 mile or 100 km routes around Manchester. When I found out that Lynx would be taking part in this ride, I jumped at the opportunity to help raise money for a charity I hold very close to my heart.

Cycling is something I’ve been doing since I was a kid. I love the sense of freedom you get when riding a bike. To me, it feels more like an adventure rather than a journey from A to B. I never feel restricted to taking the same route twice. I can go where I want, when I want, at whatever speed I want. The only thing that stops me is me.

The ride had us start at Wythenshawe Park, taking us through Knutsford and Northwich before we were faced with a decision – take the 100 mile route down to Tattenhall or take the shorter 100 km route and go straight through to Middlewich. Both routes brought us up into Wilmslow and on to the home straight back to Wythenshawe Park.

The route was filled with villages that looked like they belonged to a movie set, with endless rolling country roads. There would have been several Instagram worthy photos taken but the weather had other ideas. It couldn’t have been more Mancunian if it tried! A constant barrage of wind, rain and grey skies only added to the occasion, pushing us towards the finish.

Several hours later all 14 Lynx riders crossed the finish line with wet clothes, stiff backs, and slightly sore backsides. But none of that mattered because we all knew we had done something special for a more than worthy cause.

On the day of me writing this blog, our donations total stands at over £2500, more than double our initial £1000 target. It’s an incredible achievement and amazing to see how people have supported us. So to all of the friends, family, and colleagues who have put their hand in their pockets, from myself and the rest of the Lynx riders, thank you.