PRIDE: White Paper 07 – Good Pharma

PRIDE: White Paper 07 – Good Pharma


Back in 2013 we published our Good Pharma white paper, a call to arms for the pharma industry to take a more open, collaborative and patient-focused approach. Find out more about the white paper, in our latest blog.

Shortly after joining the Havas network, we released our Good Pharma white paper. Inspired by David Jones’s book ‘He Who Cares Wins’, it was a rallying cry to the pharma industry to take a more open, collaborative, patient-focused, and ultimately morally driven approach.

This approach presents pharma with the opportunity to use communication as a real point of difference; one that can have a profound impact on people’s lives, drive treatment success, and also catalyse commercial growth.

So, why not?

Extract from ‘Good Pharma’ white paper:

Pharma finds itself on the cusp of a tremendous opportunity. Patients and professionals are increasingly seeking reliable sources of tools, services, and information to enhance and ease their experiences. Healthcare providers are in desperate need of expertise to assist in streamlining services and improving patient care.

Additionally, there is an ever-increasing artillery of emerging technologies that, harnessed correctly, will have incredibly meaningful benefits in the field of medicine. These three forces are all vying for change in healthcare, and all three need pharma to orchestrate a scenario where this is possible.

But all three demand that pharma demonstrates that it has their interests at heart, that it is ethical, that it is responsible, that it is good.

Read the full whitepaper here.