Sun, fun and London

Sun, fun and London


Helena Mann is a Junior Medical Writer based in our London office, who joined Lynx last year as part of our 2015 Graduate intake. With a background in Biomedical Science, Helena is passionate about communicating science in an creative and accessible way.

Once a year the London team, which are usually split between Havas Lynx offices in London and Manchester, come together for the annual team update. It is an opportunity to track our progression as an agency, showcase our work and set objectives for the year ahead. The day not only provides valuable insights into how we work together as a team, but also gives us the perfect opportunity to build relationships and bridge the 200-mile divide.


9:15 – Havas Lynx, London office
The day starts as normal, although there is an extra buzz of excitement in the air. The senior team are rushing around making sure that everything is ready for the day ahead, leaving the rest of the office, waiting in anticipation for what is in store.

11:30 – Havas Lynx, London office
The team from the Manchester office arrive, and chaos begins. For the first time this year the whole team are together in London. Table football games, catching up and mingling ensue, while people wait patiently for the start of the event.

12:30 – Havas Lynx, London office
Lunch time. Utterly enormous pizzas arrive one after each other to the wide-eyed, yet empty-stomached team. However, you would be mistaken if you thought there would be any left over.

13:00 – The Hoxton Hotel, London
After lunch we all make our way to The Hoxton Hotel and are directed to an apartment-like suite. With refreshments and cake aplenty in the kitchen, we start to ponder what is going on behind the closed doors to the meeting room ahead.

13:30 – The Hoxton Hotel, London
The meeting begins. With presentations from all disciplines, showcases and surprises, updates and promotions. The meeting went without a hitch. (That is if you don’t count the obligatory faulty slide clicker.)

16:30 – Bounce, London
Drinks flowing and balls flying, the team are pitted against each other in a test of ping pong prowess. However only one pair could claim the title: all hail the victorious Bloomer and Davies.

8:30 – The Groucho Club, London
Dinner begins and an array of fantastic food is presented. It’s safe to say everyone there was having a ‘wail’ of a time, particularly when the singing started.

10:30 – The Groucho Club, London
Singing, dancing, talking; The party goes on into the wee hours. Waking up to the cloudy Saturday morning, the London team are left with sore heads and fond memories of the night before.

The day was a perfect balance of enjoyment and education, filling us with pride, as we were reminded of the excellent work we have produced over the past 12 months. The team has grown dramatically, and the day was a perfect chance to welcome all the new faces, celebrate our pitch wins and plan our next moves as the business continues to evolve.

Perhaps most importantly, the London fun day was just that – fun. An excellent way to celebrate the success of our previous year, and a day we won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Our combined experiences and personalities not only provide an excellent and unique culture, but a talented and motivated work force. The annual London update left us inspired for the year ahead. Put simply, we are ready to take on any challenge.