PRIDE: Speed Donating

PRIDE: Speed Donating


16 people die every day waiting for a transplant. This had to change. Too few sign the donor registers, so we created a bold creative campaign to combat this. In our latest blog, we discuss the impact of our Speed Donating campaign.

Imagine being able to save someone’s life, even after you died. Organ donation gives all of us the power to be heroes. All we have to do is sign a register. But we don’t.

Although 90% of people agree with donation in principle, only 20% are registered as donors (in opt-in regions). ‘I’ll register later, I’m busy now’, ‘I’ll never need that anyway, so why should I bother?’, and ‘Oh god, I don’t want to think about what happens to me when I die!’, are some of the prevailing thoughts that seem to stop people acting on their principles. The consequences are severe – across Europe, 16 people die waiting for a transplant every day.

So, how could we spur people into life? Speed Donating.

Our campaign was led by a touching film that used mismatched couples at speed donating as a humorous, relatable metaphor for the pressure of finding the right match against the clock. This was poignantly juxtaposed by the closing shots of Justin, a real-life transplant patient, uttering the all-too-poignant words, ‘I’m dying to meet you, literally dying’, a hard-hitting message that galvanised people into action.

The campaign was backed by our #SuperDonors strategy, which invited key influencers to ‘donate’ some tangible support to help spread the message. Initially backed by government bodies, charities, and other large organisations, we reached out to partners who could speak directly to big audiences.

Cinemas donated ad-trailer space, social media stars leant their voice, WeTransfer sported our message on their website wallpaper, and football clubs donated their half-time.

In ‘Speed Donating Singles’, seventeen famous music artists donated riffs so that the public could build their own body of music and bring it to life.