The Diabetes Football Community

The Diabetes Football Community


Havas Lynx has recently begun a partnership with The Diabetes Football Community (TDFC), a not for profit organisation developed with the aim of inspiring, supporting and guiding people with diabetes who share a passion for football. Harnessing the community, they’ve been able to develop the UK’s first all Diabetic Futsal Team who will now compete against 16 other nations at DiaEuro in Bratislava Slovakia from the 22nd – 28th July. We spoke to one of the players, our very own Bryn White, Account Manager at Havas Lynx, to find out more about TDFC and the upcoming tournament.

World Cup fever is subsiding, whatever will we do? Fear not as DiaEuro 2018 is just around the corner! 

Can you tell us a little more about The Diabetic Football Community (TDFC)?

TDFC is a top initiative. It’s been running for just over a year with the aim to provide diabetics throughout society with a peer support network that can deliver further understanding and enjoyment from football for people with the condition.

Whats your personal journey with diabetes been like and how has TDFC helped?

I found out I had type 1 diabetes when I was 19, during my first year at Uni. It was a big shock and I didn’t meet anyone else with the condition for years after my diagnosis. It was a very slow individual journey learning how all the many, many variables can affect your glucose levels. Discovering TDFC has been brill. It’s been a great source of advice and motivation. From a disease management perspective, chatting with people in the same boat as you speeds up the learning process MASSIVELY.

Is diabetes underrepresented in football?

There’s only ever been one diabetic footballer play in the premier league during its 26 year history, which is pretty crazy. However, there are more and more role models appearing in the sporting world that are showing diabetes shouldn’t hold you back. It was an amazing moment watching Nacho Fernandez become the first person with diabetes to score at this year’s World Cup for Spain. It was an absolute screamer too, the guy’s a legend.

Can you tell us a bit more about DiaEuro and how excited you are about the tournament?

DiaEuro is a European Futsal championship where every player has diabetes. It growing year on year and we’ll be competing against 16 other nations. Futsal is an indoor 5 aside version of the game with slightly different rules to mainstream football and there’s a lot more emphasis on improvisation, creativity and technique. I’m incredibly excited for the tournament to start. The UK squad has gelled really well in a very short space of time and we’ve got a great team of staff travelling out with us too. Getting the opportunity to represent your nation is the stuff of dreams. We’ll do our best.

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