When in Manchester…

When in Manchester…


Robert Casals is a Senior Art Director from Havas Life Madrid – he joined us in our Manchester office for two weeks and stayed with his buddy Hannah Walpeter. Here he answers some questions about his experience of #LYNXLife…

What similarities did you notice between your office in Madrid and here in Manchester?
The work is similar – similar clients (as they are healthcare focused), the same design tools and a fairly similar production process

What differences did you notice between your office in Madrid and here in Manchester?
In Spain I work on more paper-based materials – some eDetails and the occasional website – here it is very digital based and includes a lot of social media content which I’m unfamiliar with – it has been interesting to learn about this

What did you like about our office space?
It’s a really nice office space and very different to mine in Madrid! Our office is more corporate whereas here it is more informal and I like how there are dogs roaming around!

What was your favourite thing about Manchester?
It’s beautiful – especially where I stayed in Altrincham with Hannah; there is lots of greenery which is very nice. The weather was how I expected for the UK!

What did you do in your downtime?
I did lots of things – me and Hannah went out for food; I had a typical English breakfast and my first pie! Both were nice but far too much for me – in Spain I have 5 little meals a day rather than one big one! We went to Liverpool for the day and I saw the River Mersey, we also went to the Cavern Club and saw the John Lennon statue – I remember the yellow submarine song as a kid!

What are you main takeaways from this experience?
I really liked the working environment and it’s been interesting to meet lots of nice people and see how the agency works

Would you recommend this experience to other people in the Havas Network?
Yes, definitely