Your voice, your choice

Your voice, your choice


Our 2017 Ambassadors scheme was set up with our multi-disciplined and collaborative approach in mind. It seeks to give our employees a voice and maintain our unique culture as the company continues to grow and evolve. The culture at Lynx has been an important factor of the company for 31 years; the sense of fun and togetherness, along with lots of ambition, has always been here.

Looking ahead to 2017 – our Ambassadors will be in a position to provide valuable insight to our Senior team when they are invited to attend key meetings and events, feeding back on updates and initiatives that affect the whole company. These individuals have been nominated by their peers; we distributed polling cards to everyone across both our Manchester and London offices, giving them the opportunity to decide who embodies #LYNXLifefor them.

Without further ado we’re excited to announce our 2017 Ambassadors – you can read their introductions below:

Matt Brugge, Senior Account Executive
I feel privileged to have been voted for and it came as somewhat of a surprise! I think that being an Ambassador is invaluable experience for someone at my level. I want the Ambassador team to create a friendly, approachable environment where people feel confident that we will share their views effectively.

Jen Woodward, Creative
I was overwhelmed that I had been voted for! I hope everyone across the company will find me approachable and be happy chatting to me about their suggestions or any ideas they have for us to progress.

Chris Raffells, IT Support Technician
Working for a place like Lynx is great fun and being able to have an active influence on how the company develops and progresses is an amazing opportunity! Hopefully by listening to those around me we can identify initiatives, as a team, that maintain and develop Lynx’s culture.

Shivani Parikh, Account Director
I accepted the position as I think it’s great for employees to have a voice in the company. I also think it’s good to help management have transparency of feedback on how to make Lynx a great place to work and somewhere people want to stay long term. As a team, we want to ensure we are able to reflect the views of the whole agency. From my side specifically, being based in the London office, I hope to help bridge the gap between London and Manchester. I’m super excited and looking forward to working with the team!

Join us in congratulating the new team and look out for posts from their personal accounts, by clicking their names above, introducing themselves as our new Ambassadors for 2017!