Havas Lynx Group launches proprietary data product to drive meaningful change across pharma

Havas Lynx Group launches proprietary data product to drive meaningful change across pharma


Leading global healthcare communications agency, Havas Lynx Group, has launched its proprietary data product, Point.1, to help pharmaceutical companies gain a deeper understanding of healthcare professionals (HCPs) to drive meaningful change across the industry.

Traditionally in the pharmaceutical industry, communication was driven by the sales representative. However, with an ever-changing technological world and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw a decade of digital transformation happen overnight, HCPs have changed how they engage with various touchpoints, resulting in brands going back to the drawing board and experimenting with the optimal marketing mix. The reassessment of touchpoints has prompted brands to re-orchestrate how brand representatives are used, in some cases removing them completely, and trialling other more effective methods of reaching their audience.

As part of this new strategy, brands need access to in-depth and reliable data which provides crucial insights into the differences of HCPs and the touchpoints with which they engage. Point.1 was created to fulfil the void of data, which currently leaves brands making assumptions around HCP behaviour.

Point.1 generates data through proprietary research with the largest panel of healthcare professionals available. It is one of the most comprehensive uses of data in healthcare, covering 80 of the industry’s most relevant touchpoints, platforms, and journals – a 60% increase on what is currently available on the market.

Through Point.1, pharmaceutical companies and brands will have access to data that is actionable, consistent, and connected. It allows them to use data with purpose and perception to reach the right people, at the right time, and through the right channels.

Speaking about Point.1, Phil Streit, Global Head of Product Strategy, Havas Lynx Group, said: “In modern day advertising, data has become a valuable currency for brands, helping them to understand their customers better than ever before. However, while data is easily available on patients, the data available for healthcare professionals is practically non-existent.

“Point.1 was created to help brands understand the real-life differences and nuances of healthcare professionals. We like to think of the product in the terms of pixels. The more pixels you have, the clearer the picture and it’s the same when it comes to data. The more meaningful data you have, the better you understand HCPs. For example, through Point.1 we found that while 40% of boomer oncologists highly trust pharma sales reps, however only 23% of millennial oncologists trust them to the same level. So how do you reach that remaining 77%? Point.1 helps you to bridge that gap.”

Claire Knapp, CEO, Havas Lynx Group, said: “Historically, the pharmaceutical industry has struggled to acquire deep, granular, ex-US data. It has led to complexities for brands who are trying to make smart and efficient media and marketing decisions to reach the relevant healthcare professionals.

“Our goal with Point.1 is to bring more precise data with added context, to give brands the credibility and confidence in the insights and subsequent marketing decisions made. It will allow brands to be smarter and more effective, and to understand healthcare professionals, who are experiencing more burnout than ever before, and use data to drive an understanding that helps to deliver an impact.”

Point.1 was the proprietary data source of Havas Lynx Group’s latest thought leadership report ‘Healing the Healers’. The report investigates the vast deterioration of healthcare professional wellbeing and the critical impact on global healthcare systems. You can read the report here.

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