Havas Lynx Group Launches Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion Policy

Havas Lynx Group Launches Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion Policy


Today, leading global healthcare communications agency, Havas Lynx Group, has launched its Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion Policy as part of it’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity (ED&I) mission.

In 2022, Stonewall published its LGBT In Britain – Work Report, which highlighted that half of trans people have hidden or disguised the fact that they were trans at work because they were afraid of discrimination. And, one in five trans people also don’t feel able to wear work attire representing their gender expression. By introducing the Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion Policy, Havas Lynx Group aims to ensure that all individuals, regardless of gender identity, feel fully supported and respected in their professional journey within our organisation.

Claire Knapp, CEO at Havas Lynx Group, said: “As the CEO I feel personally responsible to ensure that we have an inclusive and welcoming environment, where everyone can come to work as their full self.

“Right now, the trans and non-binary communities are some of the most targeted and discriminated against within the LGBTQIA+ community. We, at Havas Lynx Group, believe that trans and non-binary rights are human rights. The introduction of the Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion Policy is just one step toward our goal of cultivating a workplace that not only embraces diversity but actively works towards creating a culture of belonging for all.”

In the Great Place to Work® survey submitted earlier this year, 97% of Havas Lynx Group employees felt people are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation, and 91% of people are treated fairly regardless of their sex. The agency was named a UK’s Best Workplace™ (2023), as well as featuring on the UK’s Best Workplaces for Women and UK’s Best Workplace in Consulting & Professional Services lists.

Also, as part of it’s DE&I mission, the agency took its Flags of Hope campaign to Pride in London and Manchester Pride. It saw people submit messages of hope to the LGBTQIA+ community, which were then printed onto flags and flown at two of the largest celebrations in the UK. Hear what Havas Lynx Group’s people had to say here.

Alongside the policy, Havas Lynx Group has also introduced a number of gender-neutral toilet facilities to provide a more inclusive experience for everyone in its offices.