A Very Havas PRIDE

A Very Havas Pride

Pride 2022

Havas Lynx

Havas Lynx is committed to being an inclusive place for
those from the LGBTQ+ community. But in 2021, we wanted to
do more than just fly a rainbow.

A Very Havas PRIDE


So we created A Very Havas PRIDE – a campaign amplifying
the voices of our own LGBTQ+ community. We interviewed
10 people from diverse backgrounds and shared their
experiences through Instagram posts and banners that
we flew at Havas Lynx.

Pride image


The campaign was widely shared and liked on Instagram and LinkedIn, and prompted over 140 people within the company to sign up to specially created Employee Resource Groups.

Crucially, it confirmed that at Havas Lynx, everyone is welcome. And everyone has a voice.

A Very Havas PRIDE