The Big Communication

Combining science, creativity and technology in the delivery of communications that better support healthcare professionals, carers and ultimately patients on their journey with cancer. Providing our partners with deeper insight, smarter ideas and more meaningful innovations, born out of an unprecedented investment into oncology.

Patient Focus Group

22nd February 2018

The focus of discussion was based around the patient’s journey through the ever changing landscape of cancer care, covering topics like genomics, immuno-oncology, care pathways, health technology and the interplay and role of creativity and better communications.

Caregivers Focus Group

8th March 2018

The focus of the oncology caregivers focus group discussed the role of a cancer caregiver in today’s care continuum, the challenges they face and potential solutions to champion advoacy amongst caregivers which will ultimately effect patient outcomes.

HCP Focus Group

16th April 2018

On 16th April we met with a group of leading healthcare professionals and technology experts to learn more about how the new wave of cancer treatments are affecting everyday practice and relationships with patients. Through the discussion, the group identified both challenges and opportunities to lead us in to a world where the potential of latest scientific developments are realised for cancer patients.

Stupid Cancer

Patient Experience Survey

In 2018, we partnered with Stupid Cancer – a leader in young adult cancer advocacy, research, and support whose mission is to empower, support, and improve health outcomes for the young adult cancer community. We conducted a survey with 225 members of stupid cancer community to understand the entire cancer care continuum.