H4B Manchester wins at the renowned Clio Health Awards 2017

H4B Manchester wins at the renowned Clio Health Awards 2017


Leading healthcare communications agency, H4B Manchester, have been recognised at the Clio Health Awards for their influential campaign, The World vs.MS. Hailed as ‘The touchstone of excellence’, the Clio Health awards recognise creativity that meets the advanced needs of consumers and addresses the sophisticated challenges of the healthcare industry.

Part of the Havas Lynx group based on Manchester’s Princess Street, H4B was up against some of the best creative minds in the Brand Partnerships & Collaborations category.

To win, entries had to demonstrate creative executions resulting from the joint efforts of two or more brands, individuals or organisations. The World vs.MS campaign did exactly that, bringing together multiple brands, multiple audiences and all to help those living with multiple sclerosis.

Through intense promotion on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, the ambitious campaign exposed the every day challenges faced by millions of people living with the burden of this incurable disease. We then inspired anyone and everyone to think of life changing ideas that could help solve them.

The campaign, which has already won at the Communiquéand Creative Floor Awards, was created by H4B Manchester for Sanofi Genzyme, the speciality care global business unit of Sanofi. But the partnerships didn’t stop there. The World vs.MS utilised the business and technical brains of WIRED, Entrepreneurial Spark and MS Ireland.

Over the course of ten months, the campaign made 23,000,000 social impressions, increased Sanofi Genzyme’s social following by 2000%, tripled their share of voice, held the first European MS hack event of its kind and bridged the gap between the MS and innovation communities on an unprecedented scale.

But most importantly, thousands of life-changing ideas were received – ideas unlike anything a pharmaceutical company or creative agency could ever dream of delivering alone.

The winning idea is now being brought to life. BladdeRunner will be an app to support millions living with the burden of bladder control problems. It will monitor their patterns, predict critical moments and provide personalised travel plans. It’s an idea that demonstrates the power of the crowd, leveraging cultural trends as much as technology.

Speaking about the campaign Suzanna van Straaten, Commercial Director MS EMEA at Sanofi Genzyme said:

“What I find most inspiring about the initiative is that we have been able to connect different people, not only in the online world, but also offline where we could really see that when bringing people together; people with MS, caregivers, neurologists, nurses, but also the innovators and the creatives, you really see a movement. And the people involved are not only getting into a deeper dialogue about MS, but they are also trying to solve a problem, so change is happening.”