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Andi Goes

Andi Goes

Havas Lynx Manchester

Despite dyslexia affecting up to 870,000 children in the UK, less than 150,000 are actually diagnosed. Leaving them without the vital support they need, at a key time in their learning development.

Online tools are available for parents to test their children, however they’re stressful for the child and can create a stigma about the condition in the process.

We needed to find a way to help parents spot signs of dyslexia, without their child even being aware of it. And where they could actually enjoy the experience.


Working in collaboration with Specialist Dyslexia Teachers, we took complex dyslexia screener tools and turned them into a bedtime routine. Testing the child, without them knowing they were being tested. The story was written to include key factors in early signs of dyslexia. Including Fry’s first 100 words, corrective partial decoding cleverly disguised as The Muddled Mountain and pages were written in different lengths and alternate page contrasts.

Andi Goes
Andi Goes


To help remove barriers to diagnosis, Andi Goes was made
free to access to anyone who wanted it. Launched on World
Book Day, Andi Goes made its way into thousands of homes
and schools.